Thursday, December 9, 2010

log rotation

What is log rotation?

WebSphere Application Server process writes different logs to log different events and errors.
They are
1. Diagnostic Trace

You can set the max file size to say, 20MB, and when ever the file maxes out, the server rotates it taking historical number. Maximum number of Historical Files Specifies the maximum number of rolled over files to keep. If historical number is 1, means that, when trace.log maxes out, it renames the trace.log with trace_currentdate.log and keep on writing into trace.log and so on.

Here is the

2. JVM Logs

These are SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log
You can rotate the with Size and time.

3. Process Logs

These are native_stdout.log and native_stderr.log
If you verbose gc, gc information will be written into native_Stdout.log. If you dump threads on a live process, this is file which dump thread process dumps the thread information. If you have any process related errors, native_stderr.log is the location to find them. You cannot rotate these files.
4. Service Log